Ways to Support your Co-op

Jul 8, 2020 | Coop Board

Dear Owners and friends,

Thank you. Over the past few months, we’ve changed how we enter the store, what we wear on our faces, how we shop, and how we interact once inside– thanks to your support and engagement, we have made these changes with grace, kindness, and concern for each other. As a Board, we are more proud than ever to be part of such an amazingly resilient community and grateful that you are also a part of it. Thank you for being here!

Many of you have asked how you can more directly express your gratitude and appreciation for Co-op staff and the Co-op as a whole at this time. Your ownership, shopping, and thank yous are enough, always. However, if you still want to “do more,” we have a few suggestions:

For Staff as individuals:
By popular request, shoppers now have the option to give to the Employee Appreciation Fund. All money collected is distributed to the staff– with great appreciation. For Shop for Me customers the option is available when you order. To give at the register, simply tell your cashier you want to give to the Employee Appreciation Fund; the cashiers will never ask you to contribute but the option is there if you request it! You can also contribute over the phone by credit card.

For the Co-op as a whole:
Consider paying your owner equity in full. Owner equity is the foundation of the Co-op’s economy and provides the basis upon which we can grow and adjust to what the future brings. The more equity the Co-op has, the better positioned we are to meet the financial demands of the future both because we have the money and because it looks better to banks if we need to borrow money. Our current owner equity share investment is $200. This can be paid through $15 (or larger) yearly installments or it can be paid all at once. Once you pay your full equity, you are fully vested and do not need to pay additional yearly installments for the forseeable future.

For the expansion of our Co-op community:
Become a Co-op Ambassador and encourage friends and neighbors to join. While anyone can shop at the Co-op, those of us who are owners support our community and local economy in a direct way, and provide leadership for our success. Owners ensure the future of the Co-op. Signing up to be a new owner can now be done online. Here’s a link to share: https://belfast.coop/portfolio/become-an-owner/ – also find it on the Co-op’s website.

Thank you again for your support of our Co-op! Please reach out to us if you have questions or comments. The board can be reached at board@belfast.coop.


Belfast Co-op Board of Directors

View the full letter:  2020-bod-letter-summer-support.pdf

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