Common Cents

One of the ways the Belfast Community Co-op donates to our community is through our Common Cents program. Common Cents invites Co-op shoppers to round up the total of their purchases to the nearest dollar, donating the extra change to support to a community organization whose work contributes to local resilience. The Belfast Community Co-op determines which nominated organizations are eligible and Co-op owners vote on the final selection. Everyone is welcome to be a Co-op owner: learn more about becoming a Co-op Owner here.

Contributing to Common Cents fosters positive growth in our community. Let your cashier know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity each time you shop!

Receiving organizations are eligible once every three years. Organizations that have been nominated but not selected may reapply every year.

The Common Cents 2022 process is complete. Nominations for Common Cents 2023 begin in 2022.

2023 Nominations

Nominations are now closed and Owners vote starting October 15-Oct 30.

Questions about Comments Cents may be sent to

Prior Recipients

Click a recipient’s name to visit their website and learn more about their organization!

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