Ways to Save

We are committed to making healthy and local food accessible to all, and offer great deals for everyone who shops at the Belfast Community Co-op!

Co+op Deals

A new Co+op Deals flyer is available biweekly at the front of the store, outlining current sales. These deals are available to all Co-op shoppers! Look for the green signs around the store to find special limited-time deals.

Ways To Save Brochure

Find all the ways to save in our easy-to-use brochure. There are Co-op deals, Fresh Picks, and all kinds of Food Access programs the Co-op provides and supports. Find out more below!





NCG Coupons

Every quarter you’ll see a new selection of coupon tear pads throughout the store that offer great savings and recipes. Everyone is welcome to use the coupons. Just grab the ones you want and take them to the register when you’re ready to check out!

Farm Fresh Rewards

Through Farm Fresh Rewards, shoppers using SNAP/EBT receive a discount on fruits and vegetables from local farms. The Belfast Community Co-op is proud to participate in the program.

To sign up, ask for an application at our Customer Service desk. Click here to find out more about Farm Fresh Rewards or here for more details!

Co+op Basics

Co+op Basics offers ongoing value prices on many popular grocery and household items. These great low prices are the same for all our customers every day, and are offered on many of your favorite products. Look for the purple signs around the store.

Fresh Picks

Our newest way to save, Fresh Picks are available to all shoppers!  Find sales changing bi-weekly on Produce, Meat, Cheese, Prepared foods, and more. Look for the Fresh Picks banner around the store to find special limited time deals on Fresh items.

Pre-Orders and Special Orders

Belfast Community Co-op owners have the benefit of being able to preorder regularly stocked items, in the case or supplier pack size at 15% off. If the item comes as a single unit pack, there is a minimum order of three units. No additional discounts apply on pre-orders.

All Co-op shoppers may also place special orders for items not regularly stocked at the Belfast Community Co-op. There is no discount on special orders.

Special orders and all perishable items require a deposit. Items must be picked up within 7 days from date received. Perishable items must be picked up within 3 days from date received. Items not picked up within window will be restocked. Deposits are not eligible for refunds.

For more information or to place a pre-order or special order, ask any worker or visit the Customer Service desk.

Belfast Community Co-op Owner Rewards

It’s simple now: the more you shop, the more you save!

Starting in 2021, our new Owner Rewards Program provides additional opportunities for Co-op owners to save every day and replaced “Love Local Day” discounts.

We did the math: the new Owner Rewards Program offers equivalent savings per year as previous Co-op discount programs, but without limited time periods or expiration dates on points.

We love our Belfast Community Co-op owners! With the Owner Rewards Program, owners earn at least 1% on all purchases over $1 to redeem on future Co-op purchases. All local items earn 2x points! This program is good every day the Co-op is open. (Earnings are given in the form of points.)

The Owner Rewards Program also gives owners quarterly bonus coupons and the ability to pre-order cases of Co-op products for 15% off. We are planning more Owner Rewards benefits for the future!

What is the Belfast Community Co-op Owner Rewards Program?
The Owner Rewards Program is one way we reward our owners for shopping at the Belfast Community Co-op. Owners earn points every day on every purchase! Owners earn two points for every dollar spent on local products and one point per dollar spent on all other products*. Once 300 points are earned, owners may start redeeming their points. The more you shop, the more points (and money!) you earn to spend at the Co-op.
How do I become part of the Owner Rewards Program?

Every Belfast Community Co-op owner is automatically part of this rewards program! To become an owner, talk to a cashier on your next visit or start the process online. You’ll begin earning rewards immediately upon signing up!

How does the point system work?
You earn points on every item purchased every time you shop at the Co-op. One point equals one penny off a future purchase. So for every 300 points you earn, you can take $3 off a purchase at the Co-op. You may start redeeming at 300 points or continue to save your points for a future purchase.
How do I use my points?
Simply ask the cashier to use your points when checking out at the register. Your cashier will let you know when you have points ready to redeem. You must have a minimum of 300 points to begin redeeming.

Example: If you have 359 points, you can redeem $3.59. But you can not redeem less than $3.00.

How do I keep track of how many points I have?
There are many ways to view your points balance. Printed receipts show your Owner Rewards balance; we also encourage you to go paperless and receive e-receipts via email, which will also show your balance! You can also ask a cashier to tell you how many points you have or give you a view of the total on the register screen. You may also view your balance through the Owner Rewards section of your Shop for Me profile online. Go paperless!
Are there any limits on how I redeem my points?
You must have 300 points saved up to begin redeeming. Once you’ve hit the minimum of 300 points, you may use them at any time, on any purchase you make at the Belfast Community Co-op, or continue to save for a later date. You may even use your points toward your equity payment! There are very few things for which you cannot redeem your points; see the full list of exclusions below.
Owner Rewards Terms & Conditions

Points are attributed to Belfast Community Co-op product purchases only, not the sales tax that may accompany your purchase. Should the purchase total be an uneven amount, points will be rounded up past 50¢ as if the customer spent a dollar. Points may only be used after 300 points have accumulated. Points can only be redeemed on purchases at the Belfast Community Co-op. Cash will never be given in the reward program. The Belfast Community Co-op reserves the right to change, modify, and/or eliminate the Owner Rewards Program and any terms of use at any time. Should the program be discontinued, customers will be allowed to use any remaining points totaling 300 or above; points below 300 at the time the program is ended will be null and void.


Sales tax may not be redeemed with Owner Rewards points. The following items are not part of the Owner Rewards Program and will not contribute to point accumulation:

  • Purchases where the total is $0.99 or less
  • Co-op Gift Cards (points are given at the time of gift card redemption, not purchase)
  • Donations (Common Cents, Employee Appreciation, etc.)
  • Tickets or items the Co-op sells on behalf of other groups, such as event tickets or items for fundraisers
  • Bottle deposits
  • Other items at the discretion of the Co-op

If you have questions about the Owner Rewards Program, please email us at info@belfast.coop

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