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Dec 21, 2020 | Co-ops, Homepage, Sale

Belfast Co-op Owner Rewards

 Starting in 2021 our Owner Rewards Program will replace the Love Local Day discounts and provide additional opportunities for Co-op owners to save every day.

With the Owner Rewards Program owners earn at least 1% on all purchases over $1 to redeem on future Co-op purchases (in the form of points).  All local items earn 2x points every single day!  Read the full details and exclusions below.

We did the math and with the new Owner Rewards Program, owners will receive nearly the same (if not more) dollar savings each year as they would have with other discounts– without the need to shop within a certain time period and with no expiration date on when to redeem your points. The more you shop, the more you save. This change incentivizes Co-op ownership and rewards owners for spending their money at the Co-op.

Thank you for being an owner!

What are Belfast Co-op Owner Rewards?

The Owner Rewards Program is one way to reward our owners for shopping at the Belfast Co-op. Points are earned on every purchase, every day! For every dollar spent on local products owners earn two points, with one point earned per dollar spent on all other products*. Once 300 points are earned, owners may start “spending” their points. The more you shop, the more points (and money!) you earn to spend at the Co-op. See below for restrictions. Thank you for choosing the Co-op!

How do I become part of the Owner Rewards Program?

Every owner is automatically part of the rewards program! No opt-in is necessary. If you’d like to participate and are not an owner, ask a cashier about ownership on your next visit (or start the process online). You’ll start earning rewards on the same visit you sign up to become an owner.

How does the point system work?

You earn points on every item purchased*, on every shopping trip. One point equals one penny that you may take off a future purchase. For every 300 points you earn, you can take $3 off your purchase at the Co-op. You may start spending at 300 points or continue to save your points for a larger amount off in the future.

How do I use my points?

You may simply ask the cashier to use your points when checking out at the register. Your cashier will also let you know when you have points ready to redeem. You must use a minimum of 300 points or any amount above 300.
Example: If you have 359 points, you can redeem $3.59. But you can not redeem less than $3.00.

How do I keep track of how many points I have?

There are many ways to view your points balance- both printed receipts and e-receipts** show your Owner Rewards balance. Ask a cashier or view the total on the register screen. Online you may view your balance through the Owner Rewards section of your Shop for Me profile. **Go paperless! Did you know that you can get your receipts via email? Email us or ask your cashier for more info.

Are there any limits on how I redeem my points?

You must have 300 points saved up, then you may use them at any time, on any purchase you make at the Belfast Co-op or continue to save for a later date. There are very few things that you cannot redeem your points for* – you may even use your points toward your equity payment! See the full list of exclusions below.

Owner Rewards Terms & Conditions

Points are attributed to Belfast Co-op product purchases only, not the sales tax that may accompany your purchase. Should the purchase total be not an even amount the points will be awarded using a rounding system; 49¢ or below does not receive a point, 50¢ or more will receive a point as if the customer spent another dollar. Points may only be used after 300 points have accumulated. Points can only be redeemed on purchases at the Belfast Co-op. Cash will never be given in the reward program. The Belfast Co-op reserves the right to change, modify, and/or eliminate the Owner Rewards Program and any terms of use at any time. Should the program be discontinued, customers will be allowed to use any remaining points totaling 300 or above. Anything below this at the time the program is ended are null and void.


These items may not be redeemed with Owner Rewards points:
• Sales Tax

The following items are not part of the Owner Rewards Program and will not contribute to point accumulation:
• Purchases where the total is $0.99 or less
• Co-op Gift Cards (points are given at the time of gift card redemption, not purchase)
• Donations (Common Cents, Employee Appreciation, etc)
• Tickets/ Items the Co-op sells on behalf of other groups (fundraisers/ donations)
• Bottle Deposits
• Sales tax does not accumulate points
• Other items at the discretion of the Co-op

Questions? email: info@belfast.coop

Want to become a Co-op Owner?

Everyone is welcome to become an owner of the Co-op.
• Owners must invest equity in the Co-op. To join: minimum payment is $15 per year until $200 total equity is paid.  Full equity is $200/adult- no further payment will be due at this time.

Find out more and sign up online belfast.coop/become-an-owner or talk to a cashier next time you are in the store

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