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Oct 31, 2023 | common cents, Homepage

The Belfast Community Co-op’s Common Cents group for November is MOFGA Journeyperson Program! Every shopper may ‘round-up’ their purchases at the Co-op to donate to our monthly recipient. 100% of all donations received through Common Cents go on to each month’s group.

What is the MOFGA Journeyperson Program?

The Journeyperson Program provides technical assistance, mentorship, and network for farmers in their first few years of running their own sustainable farm business. Applications are due January 31st each year. Participants in the program are awarded a 2-year package of support, including:

● An educational stipend of $500
● Mentorship for one year
● Free access to MOFGA resources including technical advice from our Agricultural Services staff
● Free admission to MOFGA-sponsored events
● Access to the Farm Beginnings whole-farm and business-planning 9-week course
● Discounts with FEDCO, Johnny’s, and other farm supply companies
● Assistance and support for land access and tenure issues through Land For Good

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association is creating a food system that is healthy and fair for all of us. Through education, training, and advocacy, MOFGA is helping farmers thrive, making more local, organic food available, and building sustainable communities.
MOFGA offers more than a hundred trainings year round that not only help new farmers get established but also help established farmers grow their farms and businesses–adding millions of dollars to Maine’s local economy and working to make local, organic food available and affordable for everyone.

MOFGA has trained thousands of apprentices and helped more than 300 Journeypersons start their businesses. Thanks to MOFGA, Maine has the second highest rate of beginning farmers in the country, a decrease in the average age of farmers, and the largest increase in organic farms.

Find Out More:

(207) 568-4142

100% of all donations received through Common Cents go on to each month’s group.

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