Knox County Homeless Coalition | Common Cents January 2023

Dec 29, 2022 | common cents, Homepage

The Belfast Community Co-op’s Common Cents group for January is Knox County Homeless Coalition! Every shopper may ‘round-up’ their purchases at the Co-op to donate to our monthly recipient. 100% of all donations received through Common Cents go on to each month’s group.

What is Knox County Homeless Coalition?

Knox County Homeless Coalition (KCHC) was formed in 2014 as a grassroots community initiative to help people experiencing homelessness in the Midcoast. KCHC has evolved to employ a caring, wraparound approach where often-marginalized individuals and families find compassionate support for physical, mental, and emotional needs; and customized programs to build strength and resilience. KCHC addresses the root causes of homelessness through innovation, community collaboration, and affordable housing initiatives. This comprehensive approach meets urgent needs now, while simultaneously focusing on prevention and systemic change.

Since the first client, KCHC has helped more than 2000 people, finding permanent housing for more than half. Through Hospitality House, Case Management, and The Landing Place youth program, nearly half of all those served are children and youth.

Knox County Homeless Coalition is the only comprehensive homeless services organization serving Knox County, as well as parts of Waldo and Lincoln counties. 

100% of all donations received through Common Cents go on to each month’s group.

For more information visit:

FB: Knox County Homeless Coalition

IG: knoxcountyhomelesscoalition

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