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Jul 1, 2024 | common cents, Homepage

The Belfast Community Co-op’s Common Cents group for Julis Friends of Belfast Parks! Every shopper may ‘round-up’ their purchases at the Co-op to donate to our monthly recipient. 100% of all donations received through Common Cents go to each month’s group.

What is Friends of Belfast Parks?

The City of Belfast is fortunate to have a wealth of public parks, greenspaces, walkways, hiking trails, and public access corridors to the shoreline. However, all of these spaces require routine ground maintenance, periodic upgrades or replacement of infrastructure, and new amenities that expand recreational opportunities to citizens of all ages, interests, and abilities. In addition, recent winter storms severely damaged several of our waterfront parks, walkways, trails, and rangeways. Extensive repair work was needed. While some of the major repair works have been
completed, more remains to be done to ensure public access and safety. All funds collected by or donated to the Friends of Belfast Parks are directed to our local parks system. The July 2024 proceeds we receive from the Co-op’s Common Cents Program may be used to provide some supplemental funding to the Belfast Parks and Recreation Department to assist with these and other efforts. For example, FOBP monies might be used to as a source of “matching grant funds” required for various grant opportunities that the Department has not taken up. Our organization may also be able to provide “seed money” to initiate a locally-funded capital campaign for a park-related project.

 There is much to be done … so every dollar counts!

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100% of all donations received through Common Cents go to each month’s group.

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