Election Results 2020

Apr 17, 2020 | Coop Board, Uncategorized

The election for the Co-op’s 2020 Board of Directors is complete—with 699 votes cast by Co-op Owners. Thank you to everyone who voted to ensure that the democratic structure of the Co-op continues! 

All six candidates will serve on the Board starting in April.  David Balicki, Kate Hanson, John Krueger, and Liz Moore will serve three-year terms.  Buck Sawyer will serve a two-year term and Matt McConnell will serve a one-year term. 

These newly elected Board members bring many skills to the Board. 

  • David Balicki, the current Treasurer of the Board, is a branch manager for Bangor Savings Bank. 
  • Kate Hanson, an interim member of the Board, is a Professor Emerita in Community Leadership at the University of New Hampshire. 
  • John Krueger brings his 11 years of experience on the MOFGA Board where he helped the organization in developing mission/vision, governance, and strategic plans. 
  • Liz Moore worked at the Belfast Co-op from August 2016 until March 2020 as a Stocker, Trainer, Promotions Assistant, Marketing Assistant and a Produce Stocker. 
  • Buck Sawyer has a long history with natural foods and community building, from founding one of the first vegetarian organic restaurants in Boston to renovating an apartment building in Belfast to provide affordable housing for men being released from a re-entry center.
  • Matt McConnell has had experience in many industries and businesses over the last twenty-five years ranging from military service to General Electric to small business owner. 

The new Board members join continuing members Heather Selin, Crystal Howard-Dolibar, Annie Bussiere, Edward Sheridan, and Evans Goff.  Everyone is looking forward to a productive and collaborative year for the Board as it works to support the Co-op in its vital work for our community.

The Board also wishes to wholeheartedly thank Alessandra Martinelli and Andrew Watkins for their dedication and leadership on the Board.  They will be missed.

Click here to find out more about the Co-op’s Board of Directors

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