Construction at Belfast Co-op

Oct 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

The Belfast Co-op will be getting 2 sets of automatic doors and a new entryway!

What you need to know:
Starting Friday 10/25 and ending Thursday 10/31 all customer traffic will be through the Deli Cafe doors. The new entryway will be accessible Friday 11/1.
Cafe seating will be limited during this period.
Handicapped parking spots will temporarily move closer to the Deli doors.
The community bulletin board will be out of service for the duration and will return 11/1.

The bulletin board will come down Thursday, 10/24 at 7pm. Postings may be picked up from the bin by Customer Service or after construction is over. The newly positioned bulletin board will be accessible Friday, 11/1.

Top 3 reasons we’re installing automatic doors:

To conserve on energy used to heat the building in the winter and cooled in the summer.
To keep staff and customers warmer in the winter months.
To enable everyone to enter and exit carts, bags, and boxes more easily and
To make the entrance more accessible to all!

We appreciate your patience during this project!

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