Coastal Mountains Land Trust

Jan 1, 2021 | advocacy, Events

The Belfast Co-op’s Common Cents group for January is Coastal Mountains Land Trust!  Every shopper may ’round-up’ their purchases at the Co-op to donate to our monthly recipient.

COASTAL MOUNTAINS LAND TRUST  is a nonprofit land conservation organization, founded in 1986, that seeks to permanently conserve land to benefit the human and natural communities of Western Penobscot Bay. 

When you round-up for Coastal Mountains Land Trust, you:

  • Help support, improve, and create TRAILS

  • Keep our volunteer work crew trained, safe, and with proper tools!

CMLT is currently working with the City of Belfast to support the proposed bike trail network at the Four-Season Recreation Area on City Point Road, next to Stephenson Preserve, across from the Belfast Rail Trail.

Covid-19 Update: Coastal Mountains Land Trust preserves and trails remain open to the public. We hope the resource of open land, fresh air, and sunlight will provide some comfort and relief for those able to visit.

Get outside! 

View or download information on the trails



100% of all donations received through Common Cents go on to each month’s group.

Read more about Belfast Co-op’s Common Cents program here

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