Blueberry Pre-orders 2019

Aug 3, 2019 | Sale, Seasonal Ordering, Uncategorized

The Belfast Co-op is now accepting pre-orders for local, organic blueberries !

To order yours, visit the blueberry kiosk next to customer service

  • The blueberries are certified organic, low bush berries from Blue Barrens Farm in Cherryfield.
  • 5 pound boxes are $23 for owners and $27 for non-owners. No additional discounts apply.
  • All orders must be pre-paid. You may pay in-store or over the phone.
  • The blueberries will arrive fresh. Sorry, due to limited space we cannot freeze them prior to pick up.
  • Pick up dates are after noon on Monday, August 12th; Monday, August 19th; and Monday, August 26th.
  • Signups run from Saturday to Friday for the following Monday’s delivery. For delivery on the 12th the deadline is the 9th. For delivery on the 19th the deadline is the 16th. For delivery on the 26th the deadline is the 23rd.
  • We will not be individually calling people this year to remind them to pick up. In the event of a delay in delivery, we will communicate that via email or social media.
  • Due to limited space in our back rooms, we ask that you pick your blueberries up before the Friday of the delivery week. Any leftover boxes come Friday morning will be put out for sale, and we will issue you a refund. Refunds will be for in-store credit only.
  • Lastly, the weekly delivery schedule allows for more flexibility with a timeframe that works for you. Want to order but know you’ll be out of town and miss your delivery? No problem! You can order the following week!
  • Call the Co-op 338-2532 with any additional questions.

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