Blueberry Preorders 2023

Jul 13, 2023 | Events, Sale, Seasonal Ordering


Pre-orders for the 2023 season have closed. Please find frozen berries in our frozen department. We look forward to the 2024 season!

Attention Blueberry Lovers! You can now pre-order 5-pound boxes of organic low bush Blueberries from Blue Barrens Farm. The 4 pick-up dates are every Wednesday from August 9th until August 30th. Please note that the pick-up window is from Wednesday to Saturday each week, and refunds for any leftover blueberries on Sunday morning can only be given in-store credit.

All orders must be pre-paid.

You may pay in-store or over the phone.

You may pick up your blueberries from the Produce Department starting Wednesday morning. To allow for flexibility, boxes can be picked up until the store closes at 8 pm Saturday, after which we will issue you a refund for in-store credit only. Your box will not be available to you beginning Sunday morning. All berries will arrive fresh! Due to our limited space, we cannot freeze your blueberries prior to pickup.

  • We will not be contacting customers via phone unless there is a delay in the delivery. 
  • This is the lowest price we can offer the blueberries and no other discounts apply. (EBT and Farm Fresh Rewards are accepted)
  • If you have further questions, please ask a produce worker or customer service. 
  • Call the Co-op at 338-2532 with any additional questions.

Blueberries are eligible for Farm Fresh Rewards and EBT/SNAP. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor fresh and delicious blueberries from Blue Barrens Farm!

Call the Co-op (338-2532) with any additional questions.

Thank you for supporting local farms and your community-owned Co-op!

additional questions may be sent to


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