Annual Meeting 2022

Jan 4, 2022 | Coop Board, Events, Homepage, updates

The Belfast Co-op Board of Directors

presents our

2022 Annual Meeting of Owners

Recorded live on Zoom, Sunday, March 6th @ 2pm

Update 3/8/22Our meeting has been recorded and is now available to watch.  Recorded on March, 6th on Zoom with our Co-op community.  Door prizes were for live participants only.

UPDATE 3/26/22: The election has concluded and the results have been ratified, see this page for the details:

Voting for the 2022 Board Candidates begins Sunday, March 6th at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting. Voting will end on Sunday, March 20th, or be extended until a quorum of owners (10%) has been reached. Owners may vote for up to seven (7) candidates or abstain. One owner, one ballot. Meet the 2022 Board Candidates here:

Voting will be conducted online via Simply Voting again this year, details will be emailed to owners. Voting by paper ballot is an option if you cannot vote online.

This year the Board will once again host our Annual Meeting of Owners by Zoom video conference. 

We will look back on our year of business, hear reports from the Board and General Manager, receive updates on future plans of the Co-op, and meet the candidates for the upcoming Board election.  As always, there will be time for owner questions and answers from the Board and GM.

Click here to learn more about our Board of Directors.

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