A New Beginning

Aug 2, 2022 | Co-ops, Homepage, updates

Dear Owners, Shoppers, and Friends,

We are proud to present an updated name that reflects our mission:

Belfast Community Co-op  

Our hope is that our update – which simply brings in the word “Community” – helps people understand that everyone is welcome to shop with us.  It is our mission and pleasure to bring locally-sourced, reasonably priced, organic and natural products to all.  The Belfast Community Co-op is here so that everyone will always have reliable, safe access to good local food.  

Our updated name and brand reflects our personality and tone which is friendly, helpful and inclusive; warm and down-to-earth; and a welcoming place of connection and belonging for the community.  We take pride in our history and our roots, while asserting who we are as we continue to grow into the future!  

Why change the name?

The updated name reflects what makes us unique, that we are owned by our community.  We are a real alternative to big corporations and chain stores-  Buying from us means supporting an independent retailer whose first priority is our customers and our community.  Our hope is that including “community” in the name helps everyone understand that you do not have to be wealthy, or a member-owner, or a vegetarian, or a hippie to shop at the Co-op. Everyone is welcome to shop with us. The Belfast Community Co-op exists for our entire community.

 To complement our updated name, we have an updated logo and design. The logo combines a heart with an apple, to signal how the Co-op unites food and love. We also have a new way to describe who we are: Owned by you, Food for all.

Why not Belfast Food Co-op? 

This would have been an obvious choice, unfortunately, it’s already taken by a co-op in Northern Ireland!

Why? Why now?

Everyone needs a new look now and then. We’ve changed our looks many times over the years, most recently in 2017. We’re proud to work with local design company, Pica, to help us bring our new look to life. We’re on the cusp of many big projects and changes, so now’s the time to get going!

“Why wasn’t I informed earlier?” “How do I get involved?” 

The name change has been discussed in many public venues such as the March Annual Meeting and public board meetings. If you, an owner (or anyone!), would like to get involved – please reach out to: info@belfast.coop and we’ll be happy to follow up.

Board meetings are generally held on the 4th Thursday of every month with exact times posted in advance in the store and on social media. Meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend. Our website and social media pages are also great sources of information to stay up to date.

So what’s next?

We’re starting with the simple things: cash registers, receipts, name tags, and more updated signage.  

You may notice some changes have already happened: new signs in Wellness, Farmer Photos, and other pieces in the store.  Over the months and year ahead, we’ll be introducing so much more! 

We’ll have a new batch of t-shirts and hats soon (designed by a Maine artist, stay tuned!), a new website this fall,  and many more updates to our store and our wider presence in the world.  Some things, like our beautiful painted marquee on the front of the store, won’t change for a long time!  

At the end of the day, our new name is a commitment, to you, our owners and our community.  Now, our name officially and unequivocally puts community at the center of all we do, where it belongs. 

Same friendly service. Same cooperative business model. 

Same commitment to our local farmers, makers and economy.  All the products people love. Owned by you, Food for all.

But no matter what, we’ll always be “the Co-op.” 

Everyone’s Welcome!

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