2020 Board of Directors Election

Mar 1, 2020 | Co-ops, Coop Board

Voting for the 2020 Board candidates begins Sunday, March 1st, 2020 at the end of the Annual Meeting.

Information about the candidates is available in-store and on the website: https://belfast.coop/meet-the-2020-candidates/

Owners may vote for up to six board candidates or abstain: One owner, one ballot.  The election will run 21 days, if quorum is not reached the vote will be extended.

Owners may fill out a paper ballot in the Co-op vestibule or they may vote on-line.  The link for online voting will be e-mailed out after the end of the Annual Meeting. If you have not received an e-mail invite to vote: please vote via the paper ballot in-store AND/OR make sure your Owner account has the correct e-mail address at Customer Service.

Any questions or issues about voting please contact boardmembership@belfast.coop

The Board represents and acts for the Co-op’s owners, whose votes imply trust that the Board is representing their interests.
Elections for the Board of Directors begins at the Annual Meeting and continues for 21 days and if quorum is not reached the election will be extended. Board members are elected to three year terms or less* and approximately one-third of the Board is up for election each year during a period that includes the Annual Meeting.

This election is not contested. For a duly-called vote to be valid, ten percent (10%) of members in good standing must take part. Our current count of member-owners in good standing is 4,080; therefore we will need 408 member-owners to cast their ballots. Candidates must receive a number of votes equal to at least 25% of the total ballots cast to be declared elected.

*Six candidates are running for seven open seats; four of which are three-year terms, two of which are two-year terms, and one of which is a one-year term. In accordance with the Belfast Co-op Bylaws, among the winning candidates, the top vote-getters will be elected to the longer terms.

The election and addition of six director candidates would bring the total number of directors to eleven. If the one vacant staff-reserved seat is filled, it will bring the total number of directors on the board to twelve, one less than the maximum number allowed by the bylaws.

Click here to learn more about our Board of Directors.

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