Current Staff

General Managers

Chris Grigsby

Chris has worked at the Co-op since 2007. He began as Assistant Produce Manager then moved to Produce Co-manager and Purchaser. Chris brings years of experience in the food industry, specifically with wholesale produce. He was Operations Manager at an independent produce distribution facility in southern Maine, and has served with the Maine Feeds Maine group and worked with Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative. Chris oversees the Produce, Deli, Meat & Cheese, Beer & Wine, Marketing, Education, and Facilities departments. He lives in Appleton with his wife and son in a straw bale house he helped design and build.

Joe Jordon

Joe comes to the Co-op from New Jersey with 25 years of retail experience in two family businesses. From September of 1995 to Feb 2007 Joe worked as the President of Clear Light Natural Foods in Linden, New Jersey. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton and oversees the finances of the Co-op. Settling in Morrill in 2007 Joe began to work part time at the Co-op in April 2008. Joe started with the current management team in September of 2009. In addition to the finance department, Joe also oversees the Dairy, Frozen, Bulk, Grocery, Bread, and IT departments.

Mylisa Vowles

Born in Calais and raised in Orono, Maine, Mylisa returned to the Pine Tree State after a 20 year hiatus in California. It was there that she gained most of her customer service and management experience working for companies such as the Pebble Beach Resorts and the Golden Gate Grill in San Francisco. Upon returning to her home state in 2004, Mylisa chose to call Belfast her home in great part because of the Belfast Co-op. She got her foot in the door as a part time-cashier in 2005, while also working as a full-time registered Maine guide in Stonington. As she took on more hours she quickly transitioned to Floor Manager, and in 2008 became the Front End Manager. In 2009 the Board of Directors chose her to be part of the new General Management team where her primary focus remains exemplary customer service. Mylisa oversees the Floor Managers, the Front End Team, Human Resources and Health and Beauty.

Floor Managers

Emily Berry
Naya Flanzala
Jeremy Peskoe
Caroline Wales

Department Managers

Jeff Butler, Meat & Cheese
Goldy Goldstein, Bread & Snacks
Rani Howe, Health & Beauty
Mike Jacobs, Dairy and Frozen
Joe Jordan, Grocery
Tom Luther, Produce
Marcie Wilde, Deli
Finn Moulton, Bulk
Jeremy Peskoe, Front End
Ron Poirier, Wine & Beer
Cheryl White, Pets and Gifts

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